Fast Facts:
Nick Name - The Real Junior

Hobbies - Drinking [Profesional]

TV Show - The Shield
Movie - Batman
Actor - Eddie Murphy
Actress - Rosario Dawson
Food - BBQ
Drink - Vodka
Athlete - Magic Johnson

Most Likely to... Return a weak Margarita at Outback's then challenge the waitress to a drinking contest

Greatest Fault... Is cappable of getting drunk and dropping fly balls

Greatest Strength... Speed and he's the only one who knows how to control his brother Eric


# Player Position


Sports Accomplishments:

U.S. Navy Softball Team [Voluntold to Play]

What is something you would like Heat fans to know about you?

I enjoy a good party where there’s a party.  [i.e. drinks are there!]

What is your fondest memory while playing with the Heat?

After-game festivities [drinking].

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